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   Edgewood Eye Center is proud to offer telehealth visits for our existing patients! Tele-optometry is a branch of tele-medicine that covers a wide range of problems related to ocular and vision health.

   Tele-medicine delivers timely medical care through digital medical equipment and telecommunications technology. This allows patients to easily receive screenings, diagnoses, prescriptions and monitoring from the comfort and safety of their home by using online videos accessible through computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by National Cancer Institute

   As Optometrists, we can provide virtual medical eye consultations for a variety of eye problems, including but not limited to:

Eye Pain & Redness

Dry Eye Syndrome

Scratched Eye (Corneal Abrasions)

Itchy Eyes & Allergies

Eye Infections (pink eye/conjunctivitis)


Blurred or Double Vision

Flashers & Floaters

Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid)

General Consultations


If you have a camera and microphone equipped to your laptop/desktop, you can easily do your tele-optometric visit this way. Having a strong internet connection will help ensure the best quality call.

Smartphones/ Tablets/ iPads: 

Nowadays, most tablets, smartphones and iPads have very high-resolution cameras, which can be essential for taking quality pictures and videos that our optometrists can use to aid in diagnosis.  

How Does Diagnosing Work Through a Digital Platform? 

Our optometrist will provide a diagnosis based both on the information you supply, and any images/video seen. If the doctor believes you require emergency care, you will be referred to a specialist to better help treat your condition, or you will be asked to come into the office for further evaluation. By using tele-optometry, you should feel confident that you’re receiving care from a licensed, practicing eye doctor from the comfort of home. 

Will Insurance Cover My Virtual Eye Care Visit? 

For most cases insurance plans will cover telehealth visits just like an in-office visit.

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Telehealth Quick Links

Visual Acuity Chart (10ft)

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If you're experiencing eye concerns like those listed above, please contact us today to receive an effective treatment plan/diagnosis.

Contact us online or by calling (513)-300-9359 to be seen from the comfort of your home!

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