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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
& Sports VISION

   Edgewood Eye Center is proud to offer traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussion rehabilitation services for new and established patients.  By employing neuro visual training, we are able to reduce overall concussion rates in athletes.  With regard to college football, the American Athletic Conference (AAC) was averaging 12.1 concussions per year.  With the application of neuro visual training, the AAC’s average for concussions was reduced to 3.5 per year(1).  Furthermore, sports such as soccer, have the highest incident rate of concussions for females.  Our neuro visual training will be tailored for the individual athlete with the goal of reducing concussion incidence and accelerate their return to play safely.


   Athletes will start with a comprehensive evaluation to analyze their ocular health and visually corrected vision.  Baseline data including Dynavision reaction times, neuro-visual cognition, and accommodation will be ascertained.  A robust training schedule will be established with the athlete and tailored to their specific needs.  Our aim will be to improve and maintain their visual strengths as well as improve their weaknesses.

(1) Clark, Joseph F.; Selmanovic, Enna; Drewry, Kip; Vincent, Jon; Himmler, Aaron; Mangine, Bob; Hasselfeld, Kim; Khoury, Jane; Polanski, David; and Divine, Jon (2021) "Survey of Prevention and Intervention Strategies Reducing Return to Play Post-Concussion in Division 1 Football," NeuroSports: Vol. 1: Iss. 1, Article 5.

See faster - Play faster

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   Athletes undergoing performance vision training are able to "hyper focus" increasing their concentration, awareness, and reaction response.  Not only are these athletes able to do this on the football, soccer or baseball field, but, also with videogames.  Esports is the latest field that sports vision is being utilized to push the limits of athletes.  Furthermore, Esports is the fastest growing sport sport at both the professional and collegiate level.  Let us make your athlete see faster and play faster!

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